Latest Updates

Ξ January 25, 2023 Ξ

I've been making some minor edits to a couple pages here, most notably on the Salomon Numbers page to link to Alex Boisvert's cool new applet. And by "cool" I mean several months old, and I only just now got around to fixing up the page. Whoops. Better Nate than lever, I suppose.

Ν January 1, 2023 Ν

New year, same ΑΒΓΔΕΖ, am I right? Ha ha. Well, not so much with the front page of this website. I've completely eliminated the last vestiges of this site's original purple homepage, and now the index page will just be a latest updates page.

Anyway, in terms of updates to the site, I've got some work to do on several fronts, like updating my bio page to include the new crossword outlet I now own... but I'm more excited to discuss the newest page on this site - a daily project where I research something new every single day. Hopefully this pushes me to have a healthier relationship with the Internet than my current one, where I'm using it as a research tool rather than a distraction or entertainment source. Not that learning about the Harlem Renaissance or cat anatomy or whatever isn't entertaining in its own right, y'know. But I don't want to be mindlessly scrolling or YouTubing all the time, and hopefully writing about more academic subjects will help me commit that knowledge to memory.

Afterwards, I'm going to be posting up a couple year-in-review-type things on the site (one about puzzles and another about cinema in 2022). Eventually it won't be feasible to post links to all that on the left menu, so I'll have to... IDK, make a sitemap? With submenus? Not looking forward to that. I think you'll enjoy the content here, though. Here's to a lovely 2023.